• 1. How long does the trip take to get down the Rainbow River?
  • The trip is 4 miles long and can generally take 2-3 hours in a kayak 4 hours in a tube.

  • Can you bring food or drink?
  • Yes you can bring food and drink, Coolers are subject to search and disposable containers (such as cans, plastics, glass, plastic foam or paper) are not permitted on the rainbow river.? Please remember, alcohol is not permitted. All other food and drink items must be in non-disposable containers. Disposable items such as plastic bottles, cans and wrappers are not permitted on the Rainbow River.

  • Are there alligators in the Rainbow River?
  • Yes the Rainbow river is a natural body of water that fish, birds, and reptiles call home.

  • Are there manatees in the Rainbow River?
  • No, there is an old lock system on the waterway between the Rainbow River and the Gulf of Mexico. Because that system is no longer used, manatees cannot travel to the Rainbow River. The last sighting of a manatee in the area was in the mid 1990’s.

  • What type of equipment do you rent?
  • We offer kayaks,paddle boards, and tubes. We will also shuttle your equipment if you would like for a fee. Rates depend on equipment.Personal float size may not exceed 60 inches in any dimension. Tying or lashing together of floats may not exceed ten feet.

  • Can I bring my dog?
  • Yes you are allowed to bring your furry friend along but please respect others space and be sure to bring whatever you need for your pet as we do not specialize in gear for dogs.

  • How fast is the current of the Rainbow River?
  • The current averages approximately 1 ½ knots.

  • What is the water temperature of the Rainbow River?
  • Like most freshwater springs in Florida, the average water temperature is 72 degrees year round.

  • What time are your shuttles?
  • We start shuttles at 9:00 am with our last drop off around 1:30 pm. Our last pickup to get off the water is 5:00 pm. Please check in 15 minutes before your scheduled shuttle time.

  • Where do we get dropped off and picked up from?
  • We shuttle you to a park called the KP Hole there is a $5.00 entrance fee per person to launch from their facility. From there it’s a 4 mile float down river to Blue run park where you will be picked up and brought back to your vehicle. We do ask that you bring a phone with you so we know when you arrive at the exit point.

  • What's our policy for cancellations?
  • Must give 24hrs notice to rebook. No refunds with cancellations less than 48hrs notice. No refunds for no show customers.
  • Can we make a reservation?
  • Yes we do take reservations you can book online @ rainbowriverkayak.com or give us a call to lock in your spot.
  • What happens if it starts to storm?
  • Florida is well known for its afternoon thunderstorms. Exiting the Rainbow River at any point other than the designated Tuber’s Exit is trespassing. We recommend starting your trip early to avoid the seasonal afternoon thunderstorms.
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